Best / fastest way to find where mosquitoes are coming from?
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Lately, I've been coming home in the evening to 2~3 mosquitoes flying around the house...

windows w/ screens are closed during the day, where could they be coming from? Maybe the ducts / vents? Best way to track down the source? Something I could spray if the source is found? ...or maybe catch some dragonflies and release it in the house?!
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Is there ANY standing water in or near your house? A few puddles left from the sprinklers, a lake nearby, something like that?
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Best answer: AskMe: Mosquitos suck
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Response by poster: Thanks, should've searched harder. Pretty sure they're coming from the vents as there are no standing water nearby. I'll try the suggested vent-netting idea.
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Check your weatherstripping around doors (particularly underneath). That's how a lot of critters get inside.
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Look for gaps and cracks, and check that you aren't breeding them indoors in a dish around a plant, or in a seldom-used drain or a basement sump.
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Check your plants. Then your bath-trap if you've had a lot of rain. If you find the standing water, see your pest supply store and buy some "donuts" little donut looking discs that kill the larvae.

Good luck,
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Best answer: winks007 is talking about these. They work great, and can be found at any hardware store. You can also get them in granulated form--we put the granules in plants, drains, and even our compost pile.
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Nthing the plants. I had some mystery mosquitoes that I finally tracked down to a vase that was on the window sill, I had inadvertently made it a mosquito nursery.
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