Can you identify this webcomic strip?
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Trying to remember the name of a webcomic strip and failing! It involved a little girl and an animal friend.

I'm looking all over trying to find this webcomic, and I'm not sure if it even still exists. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

* Strip format, usually a joke in four panels
* Little girl and an animal friend cracking wise at each other
* The little girl was black and reminded me a bit of Ronald-Ann from Bloom County
* It wasn't Cat and Girl, but the style of humor was similar. The art was more cartoony, like Pearls Before Swine. It was in black and white.
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Maybe Chris "Bruno" Baldwin's Little Dee?
posted by mendel at 8:07 PM on August 12, 2008

Response by poster: Little Dee - the art is similar, but the girl in the strip I'm thinking of was a lot more talkative. This girl talked in pretty much every strip. Thanks though!
posted by cadge at 8:21 PM on August 12, 2008

The only "girl and her animal" strip I can think of at the moment is Count Your Sheep, but it's in color (even if the colors are limited).
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Prickly City?
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Girl vs Pig? But it's in colour too...still it's entertaining.
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Response by poster: It's not Count Your Sheep, Prickly City, or Girl vs. Pig (but those are all super-cute! Thanks for the links!). The one it reminds me most of is Prickly City.
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Cat and Girl?
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Response by poster: It definitely isn't Cat and Girl, but the humor style is similar. I remember it having some surprisingly mature humor for what looked like just a girl-and-cute-animal comic strip.
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You made me think of Kiskaloo, though it doesn't meet some of your requirements.

Can you provide some more information, a story line perhaps?
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Response by poster: It's not Kiskaloo, but that's cute too!

I wish I could provide more description. :( I don't remember much about it except for the little girl (who often appeared on the left-hand side of the panel), a taller animal friend (usually on the right-hand side of the panel, and they were sometimes seated at a table together), and surprisingly existential jokes that weren't about kids' stuff.
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