Amazing, impossible-to-get-into NYC restaurants?
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Amazing, impossible-to-get-into NYC restaurants?

I have the opportunity to have a great dining experience in NYC through someone who can get me in almost anywhere. I'm looking for great food, great atmosphere, not necessarily trendy (ie. Nobu). It will be my 60 year old parents and me. Last time I had this opportunity, I picked 21 Club and loved it. Suggestions? Thanks!
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Per Se.
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Momofuku Ko
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Yeah, they'll probably prefer Per Se to Babbo or Momofuku Ko which are the city's other hardest reservations. (There's Rao's too, but the food isn't actually all that great.)
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The bottled Rao's sauces and roasted peppers are better than the restaurant. Per Se isn't too tricky, you just need a hook up or a year's advance notice. Momofuku Ko is probably the impossible bet at the moment. Pure luck.

Try for some ideas
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Ko, while good, is not appropriate for what you want. I.e tiny room, insanely foody trendy, ot very atmospheric. Also it isn't very comfortable. (I liked it tho, the food is great)

If the burbs are an option. Blue Hill @ Stone Barns would be first option.

I would take my 60 y/o father to Babbo in a heartbeat.

There isn't really much exciting and new in High End NY dining.
Per Se is dull, sort of a Thomas Keller greatest hits album. But the food is very good, the service and room lovely, and it is quite an experience.
Jean-Georges accoring to recent reports has gone down hill.
I had a terrible meal at Bouley a few months ago.
I guess Daniel?

I don't think Ko or Per Se are as difficult to get into as some think. Especially Ko. Babbo however is a total shitshow.
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I'd add that Ko claims there is no such thing as influence to get a table. I'd almost ask for it just to see if your person really has the juice to get in.
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Ko is possible to get into if you don't care when and you can spend a few mornings pounding on the Web site. I'd also bet that it's the "almost" in the Asker's friend's "almost anywhere".

His folks might love the food and service at Babbo but Batali plays crap music really loud everywhere except Del Posto - my dad hates it.
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Re:Ko. I agree.

I thought the same thing re:Babbo and 60 y.o. and then I realized my dad likes Led Zeppelin.
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It's in the St. Regis on 55th

Alain Ducasse is an acquaintance. That's how I got in.

Warning: It has a huge wine list.
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If Per Se is anything like the French Laundry it won't take a year - they only take reservations 2 months out to the day.

I got into the French Laundry by getting a bunch of co-workers (about 10) in a room at the right time and offering a bottle of wine to whoever got through, worked like a champ - got my choice of times on Mothers Day no less.
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Adour? You can get a 9:15 for tomorrow on opentable. Pretty much any day this week. Not a tough resy.

Good place tho.
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I'm still in awe of Masa, although I don't know if it is still that hard to get reservations there. Frankly, I'm not sure that "hard to get into" should be very high on your criteria. I'd rather eat at 11 Madison Park than many of the tough seats to get.
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If they like italian, Scarpetta is pretty impossible to get into right now because it's new and all a-buzz.
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Note that with a little moxie, you can get in anywhere. Anywhere.
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2nding Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Getting out of the city only makes the whole experience all the more magical. I had never before tasted food that fresh and delicious.
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Excellent link juliewhite.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all of these suggestions!

It looks like we may go for Adour. My parents and I lived in the St. Regis for a couple of years when I was a kid, so nostalgia + good food might win out here.
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* Blue Hill at Stone Barns
* Sushi Yasuda
* Per Se
* Eleven Madison Park
* Union Square Cafe
* Tabla
* Gramercy Tavern
* Craft
* Aureole
* Le Bernadin
* Del Posto

Or you could go the other way, and head out to Spicy & Tasty in Flushing... stinky tofu, anyone?
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