Sorting Embedded Google Spreadsheets
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I am looking for a way to sort embedded Google Spreadsheets. I am not looking for advanced features or interacting with the data, but ONLY client side sorting.

I published a testing spreadsheet

On unixrat said he is sure embedded Google Spreadsheets are able to be sorted.

I have seen this can be done with Zoho:, but that solution offers the visitors too many options. If the ability to edit the cell contents was disabled, but still sortable, that would work also.

My thought is I am missing some documentation in the Google Data API, if anyone can point out links that I need to read to be able to add sorting, I would appreciate it.
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I've been wishing for an API-ish way to "query" a Google spreadsheet like a database myself ("give me row 22" or "give me column 4 of the first row matching "Anderson, Gillian") but as far as I can find, that level of granularity just isn't there... yet?
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@rokusan, you may be looking for:
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