Help us find a bed.
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We live in Toronto, and we like this bed. But we're not sure that we're up to spending $1500 on it right now.

Does anyone in / near Toronto know where it might be found for less, or where similar beds with storage can be found?

We're looking for quality above Ikea and similar makers. Must be a platform bed. We're hoping to spend closer to $1000 on a bed rather than more.
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The MALM range at IKEA is very similar.. the bed is only around 400 if memory serves, and (unlike most of their other products) that one seems to be very, very solidly put together.

Also try
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If you locate this bed or a similar one in Toronto, try asking for a discount if it's over your price range. Furniture stores will give you a discount if you ask, at least in my experience. You could save a few hundred dollars (probably not $500, but possibly around $250). Just say that you really like the bed; can the store do anything to accommodate you? Every time I've been into a furniture store, salesmen jump all over me to "help" sell me something, because they'll usually make a commission off of a sale. Often they're holding coupons or other incentives to get you to purchase stuff. If you're looking to spend about $1000, they'll be glad to help.
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Also, I know you said that you were looking for "quality above IKEA," but my Aspelund bed from them is very solid (and a platform) and I like it a lot. It does not look like something I spent only $179 on at IKEA, even though it is. Looks like the price has gone down $10 since I bought it two years ago!
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This bed from CB2 isn't exactly the same, but it is certainly cheaper while retaining quality. Although, you'd have to ask them about shipping to Canada. Not clear how they handle that.
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I agree with the OP about the Malm - its not as pretty as the one you're looking for but for the price ,you could find some matching veneer and mod it yourself to your liking. Its a sturdy bed when constructed properly but you can definitely mod it yourself - for its an ikea not a piece of fantastic art.
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Lift and Stor's storage beds have about as much storage as it's possible to get in a bed. They don't ship the actual beds to Canada but you can order a kit to make one (plans plus the hydraulics) and then pay a good carpenter to make it out of some nice wood of your choosing.
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Actually, now that I think of it, if you're hiring a carpenter, there's all sorts of things you could do.
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For what it's worth, drawers under the bed like that are known as "captains drawers".
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EQ3 is a step above IKEA and builds their furniture in Canada (at least last I checked). They have a bed with storage similar to this, but not quite as nice. They have a showroom on King West in Toronto.
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EQ3 has the Bossa. If you do go there, there's also a store called Roomy close by that might have something.

However, I would recommend you walk east on King (from EQ3), staying on the North side. There is a cabinet maker I forget the name of (though I think the shop has Pine or Oak in the title). The guy is *very* reasonable and might be able to build you something cheaper. There are a few builders in that stretch so pop into all to find the guy. His shop is small and has a downstairs that you access via steps around a corner on the right hand wall (describing so you'll know the store once you're in it).
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