Let's get all geographical
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Had a great short break in Kent, thanks to you lot. Where should we go next (other than central London)? England and Wales only, please.

We are National Trust folks, but we joined English Heritage as well.
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Where in Kent did you go? I've been to the Rochester-Chatham-Maidstone area....
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Brighton. Lovely town, lots of interesting things for adults and children to do. Also, not far away from Brighton is the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. I know you have children, and if you have good weather, the Museum is a fantastic day out, very, very interesting and totally unique.
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heck with england. of all the bits of the uk, wales was my favorite. i specifically recommend conwy for its working class atmosphere, lengthy sections of old city wall, walkability/explorability, and incredibly friendly people. but all in all, wales was great.
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Chester of course!! Huge variety of architectural styles, including the unique, two story tudor "rows". Longest stretch of unbroken, walkable, mediaeval city walls. Cathedral. Roman amphitheatre. Gorgeous river walks. Cheshire and north Wales close by. Excellent rail connections. Of course, I'm biased because I get to walk around here everyday but no, I don't work work for the tourist board!!
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yes, I would like to second Chester. Lovely town.
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I like Durham a lot. I was only there for a very short period, but it was a short-ish trip from London, and was lovely in April.
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