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Gmail IMAP + Thunderbird: I set up Thunderbird as my email client last week, and everything has been smooth sailing until today. When I opened T-bird, every email I've ever written was in my Inbox! Please make it stop!

As of this morning, every email I send appears immediately in my Inbox (both in Thunderbird and the Gmail web interface). I created and ran a filter in T-bird that moved all emails "from" my address to "Gmail > Sent Mail" -- this moved all the old emails, but new ones keep appearing in the Inbox, and I'd really rather not have to run that filter all the time.

Notes about my setup:
- Google Apps Gmail
- Thunderbird
- Have IMAP for the same account set up in Outlook 2007, which I open occasionally to for email testing purposes
- Some filters set up within Gmail and T-bird, none of which have any settings regarding Sent Mail

I can provide other details as well if it would help. Any insight would be very much appreciated.
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The emails that you send from Thunderbird also appear in your inbox? I have the same setup and I don't think I've done much special Thunderbird configuration. Messages I send from other clients (phone, web, etc) will appear in my inbox, but I send them from Thunderbird they automatically appear in my sent folder. I don't offer any help, but if your Thunderbird sent emails appear in your Thunderbird inbox then something could be wrong with it.
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@Phantomx: Yes, emails I send from Thunderbird appear in my inbox. Something is definitely wrong with it.
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Update: I just created a filter in Gmail that takes any email "From" my email address and "Skips the Inbox", sending it straight to the Archive. Ran the filter on all existing messages, and it seems to have fixed things somewhat. The only problem is that all my Inbox conversation threads have had my responses stripped out of them in Gmail. I'm not even sure if I can undo this.

Is this as good as it's going to get, or should I explore further?
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I get the same on my Blackberry with gmail. So I think the problem relates to gmail rather than Thunderbird.
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