My boobs, should they be meddled with?
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Have you or anyone you know had a surgical breast lift done?

Well, here I am, 100 pounds lighter. I have stretch marks, but they're fading nicely. There isn't much sagging skin to speak of and the more I run and weight train, the more things tighten up ... except my poor boobs. They are literally shells of their former selves. Kind of saggy, slightly wrinkled shells. Sounds pretty hot, right?

I'm considering going into a local plastic surgeon's office to get a consultation on a breast lift, but I'm nervous they'll just give me the positive side or try to talk me into implants, which I don't necessarily want. My concerns are: 1) I'm only 26. I'd like to have kids someday. What kind of effect will pregnancy have on the ladies if I decide to get work done? 2) How bad is scarring? 3) How much is this going to set me back? 4) Is it worth it?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the above issues and any other things you know about the procedure and it's pluses and minuses.

PS: I was gonna go anon, but what the hell.
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Are you exercising your upper body and especially your pectoral muscles? That'll give your breasts more firmness and lift, and will increase your cup size.
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This is anecdotal so won't be as good as a response from someone who has had a boob job...but.

I shadowed a plastic surgeon who specialized in breast surgeries for a bit a few years ago, and one of the patients who came in while I was there was there to receive a consultation on a tummy tuck. She was in her late thirties and had had a breast lift (and implants) several (I want to say seven or so?) years earlier by the same doctor. In the meantime she had kids (hence the tummy tuck) and breast fed both of them with no complications. According to her.

In a lift, there's going to be a whole lot more scarring than with implants alone. The cut goes around the areola and into a pizza-slice-shaped wedge on the bottom of the breast. Then, the edges are brought together and the nipple is repositioned. And voila, pretty boobs. The nipple and mammary tissue all remains attached, and unless something goes wrong it should all work fine.

Happy new boobs!
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I had a breast reduction when I was 22. (I'd gain weight, it'd go straight to my chest, I'd lose weight, it'd dissapear everywhere but my chest). My breasts were huge and pointed straight down. Part of the reduction involved a lift which phunniemee described very well. The possible side effects included nerve damage and not being able to breast feed if I chose to get pregnant. I can't speak about the breast feeding part since I have decided not to have children, but I have very little feeling in my left nipple. Kinda makes foreplay a little awkward. I also have scars. One of them was my fault- I was told not to stretch for several weeks, and I went right back to my filing job a week after surgery and popped the stitches that run from the nipple down. It sort of looks like I got burned a long time ago. The stitches that didn't pop were underneath my breasts, and don't show under a bra, but they are there (I'm not a bikini-wearer, but I bet they'd show if I wore one of those little string ones). I'm a little keloid prone, so to me, my scars are obvious. Despite not having a perfect outcome, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I still have perky breasts and it's been 15 years since the surgery.
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How long has it been since you lost the weight? You are young and your skin still has a chance of bouncing back, especially if your stretch mark seem to be healing well.
I don't know about breast lifts and that might be the right choice for you, but I would suggest waiting at least a year from the weight loss to see if they tighten up a little more on their own before going under the knife.
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