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Alternative methods of traveling between Milwaukee and Minneapolis?

I travel between Milwaukee and Minneapolis every 2 weeks. Earlier, I took Amtrak but their fares have gone up into the $40-100 each way range, so I switched to Megabus ($1-30 each way). I just finished my 21st Megabus ride and I've never had a normal, on-time trip. Bus breakdowns, 2+ hours late, drivers forgetting to make scheduled stops, etc. are all taking a toll on my ability to deal with this cheap travel.

Driving is $50-60 each way depending on where I stop.
Flying is $250-300 each way.

Can the AskMe universe think of a better (not necessarily cheaper than Megabus) way to travel between the two cities?
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posted by JJ86 at 5:35 AM on August 5, 2008

Megabus? Not familiar with that.

Greyhound goes between MSP and Milwaukee. I priced a quick ticket and it was $60. My times on the Greyhound have been pretty good - no problems.
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JJ86 brings up a good idea. You might be able to cut down on your driving cost by either finding a ride on Craigslist or else offering rides on Craigslist. I'd think you should be able to find a people going to Minn. or at the least Madison or Eau Claire. Going back, you probably could find a rider or two as well.
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I've found the Badger Bus to be cheap, comfortable, and reliable between Milwaukee and the campus of UW-Madison (I think it's $23 each way.) I'm pretty sure there's a similar service between Madison and the Minneapolis (there are tons of students here from the Twin Cities) so if the schedules match up well, you might try it that way. Plus you get to stop in Madison!
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