OS X Time Machine backup with USB disc as one source
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OS X Backup Filter. I use a mac mini with it's limited had disc space, so also use an external USB drive to store big stuff like my iTunes Library, Lightroom Catalog, and Downloads. I need automatic backup help.

I also have a second USB disc attached for backups, but since Time Machine can't use a USB disc as a source, I can only use Time Machine as a method of backing up what's on my internal hard disc on the mini, and I need to do all backups of my external disc manually. As you can imagine, since it's manual I very rarely do it but at the same time the data on the external drive is much more sensitive. So I need a way to automatically backup everything from both internal and external discs, to another external disc. Any ideas ?

Needs to be automated/provide scheduled backup capability
Can backup both internal and external USB/FireWire disc sources to external USB/FireWire destination.
A Time machine hack/plugin etc would be preferable
Free would be preferable, though I would be willing to pay for a reliable easy to use app
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Have you looked into SuperDuper? Not free, but it's very affordable. Very simple to use.
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You want Carbon Copy Cloner. You can set up a couple of scheduled tasks to cover all discs.
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Actually, you can have Time Machine back up an external drive.

Go to System Preferences--->Time Machine.

Click Options.

Your non-TM external HD should be listed in the "Do not back up" list. Select it, click the - button (as in, the one next to the + button), hit Done, and start making Back to the Future jokes.
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Anther option would be using rsync, it requires some terminal fiddling but is very versatile and usually works really well. A good introduction can be found here (for 10.4, shouldn't be much different on Leopard)
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Both SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner are good choices.
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I had a very close call with a hard drive crash a few years ago - I've been super anal about backups ever since.

I'll give another vote for SuperDuper. I use it and love it. At $28, it's a bargain. Here's how my setup works:

I have a Mac Mini with a 120 gig hard drive plus a external hard drive I use for work and iTunes. I have a second external drive I use for backup. I set up SuperDuper to backup my Mac on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and it backs up my work drive on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.. It does this at 4am. Since I have SuperDuper set to only copy changes on the drives, it's always quick (after that first full backup, I mean).

The best part is, not only do I have a full backup of everything, the backup of my Mac's main hard drive is bootable. And since it's all automatic, the only thing I have to remember is to not power down my Mini (which is fine. I never turn it off since I have tasks running overnight). Once you've set up SuperDuper, you'll never need to touch it again.

Seriously -

- unless you're going to use Time Machine, SuperDuper is the way to go.
- if you want a bootable backup, SuperDuper is the way to go!
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I should add that I partitioned my backup drive into two, and then set up SuperDuper to back up my home and work drives to the partitions of the backup drive.
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all great answers - thank you. particular thanks to tomorrowful for making me realise that there was indeed a way to get my USB disc working as a source, though it actually also required a reformat from FAT32 to Mac format plus some moving of files and general jiggery pokery. But thanks again, all. Every day I learn new things that make me love mac more and more ...
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