Who is the author of this quote?
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Help me identify the author of this quote: "It is not hatred that is wrong; it is hating the wrong thing that is wrong. It is not anger that is wrong; it is being angry at the wrong thing that is wrong. Tell me your hatred and I'll tell you your character." I've been stumped by someone in my house. :) Thanks!
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God Love You
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I'm not sure what the page Paragon linked to is... I don't understand it in the least--but I do know that the first thing under the heading Contents is incorrect, or at least a bastardization/false attribution. The quote is "If you want to be loved be lovable." It's Ovid, not John Jones. I guess I'm pointing this out in case God Love You is a book of quotes, one of which is the one you're searching for... the attribution may not be correct.
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I did find the author based on the link Paragon sent (thanks!). It's by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, who wrote the book listed on the linked page. I actually found the quote in the book "The Quotable Fulton J Sheen". Thanks all :)
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