These DVDs smell!
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How do I remove the smell of smoke from DVDs?

I recently bought a DVD collection from someone who smokes. I couldn't tell they smelled until I got them home, but now I'd like to remove the smell from the boxes. The interiors and disks don't smell that much, it's only the outer boxes. How can I do it? Febreze? Dehumidifier possibly? Thanks much.
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Wiping the cases down with a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar will remove most smoke residue.
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Remove the DVDs and store them temporarily in one of those tubs that blank CD-Rs come in, open out the cases, and leave them outside in the breeze for a whole day. Pick an overcast but not rainy day unless you don't mind bleaching the printed inserts a little.
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Response by poster: That won't mark the finish of the cases? Sounds easy enough. I'll try it on a couple of them, thanks.
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Generic windex (or a water and sudsy ammonia mixture) is an excellent smoke smell/tar remover. When I quit smoking, I had to go over everything in the house with it. The horrifying brown residue was an excellent reinforcer.

That'll only work on the ones with plastic sheets covering the liner card.

I also went over a bunch of stuff (after that) with Pledge.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies, I will try it out.
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