Error message when launching winamp.
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Whenever I launch Winamp (the latest version) I get this error message: "Winamp has caused an error in MSVCRT.DLL. Winamp will now close." I've tried rebooting and reinstalling. I've scoured the net for support but found nothing clear. Does anybody have an easy to explain fix? I have a large playlist (almost 9000+ items). I don't know if that's the cause or if it can be worked around. Thanks in advance.
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jon, shouldn't be the playlist. i'm rocking 11k tracks and no problem here.. i found a coupla links you might wanna check out though: (1) and (2)

Hope they help.
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Response by poster: I downloaded the fix mentioned in the first thread, but when I install, it asks me where I want to place the extracted files. Is there a particular directory where they belong?
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Response by poster: Nope. Didn't work.

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jon, I'll say it (although I'm sure you don't need it said) - you tried the standard corruption checks and checks for malware?
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Are you running xp?
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Usually DLL Hell problems like this are caused by different versions of the same DLL in different locations on the system. Generally, what you will want to do is do a system wide search for msvcrt*.dll (dir /s msvcrt*.dll from a Command Prompt). Look for extras (locations other than C:\Windows\System32 - assuming you are running Windows XP). Note where the extras are and then move all extra copies to the Recycle Bin or some other folder (do NOT delete them). I bet you might even find one in the folder WinAmp is installed in. See if that fixes it.
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Response by poster: I ran a spyware killing program.

I'm actually running WinME (hangs head in shame, long story).I'm also getting weird error messages from a program called "Media Player Classic" that I dont remember installing and when I try to got Control Panel, my system freezes.

Thankfully I've got all my important stuff (mp3's & porn) on my secondary hard drive, so if I wind up having to wipe my C: drive it'll be safe.
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Media Player Classic is just an alternate version of Windows Media Player; dont fret.
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Uninstall/reinstall. If your PC freezes at the Control Panel display, you have bigger problems.

Oh, Win Me?

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I had this problem a few months ago in 98. I either uninstalled winamp normally or simply deleted the folder it was in, and then re-installed the current version. (I still use 2.x, so I installed 2.94 or whatever and turned off all the craptastic video stuff.)

You can also play DLL bingo by manually removing and replacing the DLL file(s) in question.

And, yeah, people still use 98. Not 98SE, not ME, and certaintly not that bloated sack of sickening candy-coated ass scrapings known as XP. I didn't think it was possible for Windows to become more condescending or unhelpful or wasteful, but it did.

I use 98 for games, older programs, and obscure music applications, 2k for when I want it. I have an older computer, and I like older software, and I tie an onion on my goddamn belt. Keep yer stinkin' WinXP off my lawn or I'll go get my shotgun.

BTW, if you're still using - or forced to use - 98SE or ME, you might as well roll back to a nice, "stable" version of 98 OEM or something. Lots more drivers, less hardware issues, more software in general, more stability, more known resources to fix annoyances and outright glitches. If you're going to use the Win98 code and core that's inside 98SE and ME, you might as well use Win98 in it's unadultrated and unhindered form.
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you're saying to use the first edition of windows 98? haha, that's amusing.

anyways, check your plugins. even though you've uninstalled and reinstalled, there may be something fowled up there. nine times out of ten, winamp being fucked up is caused by plugins.
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If you're going to use ME, I recommend running it with something like GoBack - so if an error occurs, so that when it inevitably fucks up, you can easily roll back to a working state.
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