Old Fart Wants to get Buff Again
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Former competitive weightlifter (female, 55 yrs old) here, got super fit to elite status at 50 yrs old by professional trainer, diagnosed with incurable blood cancer and told to stop the really hard training, as it puts too much strain on the immune system. Want to start another program but .....

don't know where to begin. All my training records have been thrown away at the gym so I have no idea where I started. Any good books, videos or anything else that can help with a balanced routine to get my cardio and body better at my advanced (AHEM) age. My disease in in remission for now and I feel pretty good. I already practice advanced yoga at home and at the gym. Anybody recommend a good, varied interesting routine? I am a member at a YMCA with a pool, free classes, cycling...etc.
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Hmm, this sounds like something you would want to get professional help (nutritionists, doctors, blah blah). Any advice you're going to get from here I'd be careful with because most of us aren't trained to deal with something like this, I enjoy staying fit and feel like I know a thing or two about fitness but you probably do too with your background.
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wow. wow. I am guessing you still have incurable blood cancer. My best idea is that you get a video camera and do a vlog chronicling HIT workouts and doing supersets. This is really cool and I congratulate you for getting back into the game.
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Response by poster: First google I got a "HIT"...lol! Thanks bud, that schedule will work for me and thanks for the encouragement. As an aside, I am living life to the hilt-bought a Harley been riding often, and getting my first INK soon too. All I'm doing is safe in moderation according to my oncologist. HIT workouts are too much but I can modify easily. This woman will not go out gracefully and without a fight!!!!
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I don't have any advice I just wanted to say You Go Girl!
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And another cheer from the sidelines! Glad to hear it's going ok, Sushma, attagirl! Enjoy the Harley and the exercise.
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