Amazing budgeting program with bonus of an iphone app?
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Are there any fantastic web-based budgeting softwares that also have iphone apps?? There seem to be a lot of flimsy iphone budgeting apps, but I'm looking more for a serious budgeting program that has the added bonus of an iphone app.

I'm financially irresponsible. I need help. I've used web-based budgeting software before (mvelopes, etc). And I've also seen the budgeting apps in the apple app store, but they all seem to be a little less involved than what I need. I'm looking for something that imports account info from my bank, will help me put spending into categories, etc.

My main use of the program would be on a computer, but it would be fantastic if I could find a program that has an iphone app as well. I'm on a mac at home as well if that matters in your recommendation.

Thanks in advance!!
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I've been using for a few months and really like it. It has an iPhone app, but I don't think it's as full-featured as what you're looking for.
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I've been looking for the same thing, because my view of budgeting apps for the iPhone are similarly unenthusiastic. I'm still looking, but in looking, I've found a couple of things that are worth looking at (IMHO, YMMV, etc.):
  • Mint, which is the desktop money manager I'm playing with/assessing, and
  • PageOnce, a handy little iPhone app that tracks, well, a lot of junk.
PageOnce is not a financial management tool, but it does give you up-to-the-now balances on credit cards, etc. might be worth looking at.
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Buxfer is awesome! Synchs with your bank/card accounts automagically, lets you tag and organize all transactions very, very easily, allows for budget creation that's pretty slick and intuitive, and lots of ways to review and manage your expenses and budgets.

It's totally web-based, but they have a killer iPhone interface ( - trust me, it's better on the iPhone). It makes reviewing my budget and recent transactions a breeze. I'll fire it up every morning and quickly tag any transactions from the previous night's posting [that weren't auto-tagged by Buxfer]. I can quickly check my monthly budgets and see what my balances, etc are.

Even though it's not an iPhone app in the sense that you can download it from the App Store, it works amazingly well (assuming you generally have cell or wifi access, which I almost always do). Furthermore, you can easily create a home screen icon for it in Safari on the iPhone (click the bookmark icon when viewing the page and then press Add to Homescreen) - if you do this you won't even know that it's not a client app!

It's fast and works remarkably well; I highly recommend it!
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