Why was Niles Crane played so differently in this rerun of Frasier? Did he evolve as a character or just change suddenly?
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A couple months ago I saw a re-run of Frasier on a plane. I believe it was fairly recent. It prominently featured Niles Crane. The weird thing was, David Hyde Pierce was playing him differently. Way less prissy, voice was completely different (i.e., normal.) I found it jarring and unpleasant. Faithful viewers, what happened? Is it less bothersome to those of you who watched him evolve?
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No, it wasn't any less bothersome. The whole thing jumped the shark (and Niles started acting like that) around the time him and Daphne got together.
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Did she make him straight?
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I didn't watch the show much at all, but I noticed that change from ads and catching a few reruns. Even as a non-fan it really bothered me. It was a pretty clear indication they had started coasting on their Emmys.
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Ever notice the difference between Frasier in Boston and Frasier in Seattle? Same principle, I'd imagine.
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