Cheap destinations with reliable internet?
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Where could I spend 3-6 months, that has a low cost of living and reliable internet?

I am interested in taking a few months to half of a year and living/vacationing somewhere other than my current location(Ohio). Either within the US or another county is fine. I work via the internet so I would like any recommendations on a good place to go that would have reliable internet so that I could continue to work.

I guess close to Eastern Time Zone would be good, as I do have a general timeframe that I have to be working, but I am single so I could keep strange hours (relative to the local time) if needed.

I do require it to be a place that is still a good deal for those spending American Dollars. I was thinking 3 to 6 months as that would allow me to rent an apartment more in line with locals' rates rather than the tourist rates you see for a few week or monthly rental.
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Montreal, Bangkok.
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I hear Bangkok is not as cheap as it used to be, and it's 11 hours from EST. I'd suggest one of the towns in Mexico or Central America that have a lot of expats - Antigua, Granada...
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Re: Bangkok. Also, unless you speak Thai or have connections there you won't be able to get the cheap local apartment prices. They have different prices there for foreigners on everything: apartments, taxis, etc. The internet can be good there, but it's also erratic and unpredictable.
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Halifax, Manila.

I realize that SEA entails a 12 hour time change, but at least you never have to change the time on your watch.

I like the Philippines. English is widely spoken, people are friendly, internet is reliable. Although the food is not as interesting as Thai.
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Montreal? Are you joking? It's expensive there.

Halifax is enormously cheap, though.
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Maine is gorgeous, EST, and cheap.

Do you have a car?
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Which Halifax are you talking about?

I have a car, but I am guessing that Maine is not much cheaper than where I live in Ohio.
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Guatemala is nice, good internet availability in the main cities, interesting stuff to do. I'd recommend Antigua or Xela. I think it's 2 hours off EST.
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Burlington, VT is close to Canada - which makes it fairly exotic. It's cheaper there than most places on the east coast (by virtue of its being in the middle of nowhere). I can't guarantee you'd get a reliable cell phone signal... but internet shouldn't be a problem.
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Coos Bay, Oregon.

A small city, but a major west-coast port. Cost of living is very low in Coos Bay and surrounding towns.

I suspect that most of the cheap cities and suburbs in the US have reliable internet at this point.
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Cairo, Egypt. Even the McDonalds have WiFi. Although since I left I've heard there have been some conflicts arising out of increases of formerly subsidized goods like bread and gasoline.
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Montevideo, Uruguay
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It doesn't really fit your timezone requirements, unfortunately, but parts of Indonesia would otherwise fit the bill quite nicely.
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Coos Bay is one of the most depressing shitholes in Oregon I've ever had the displeasure of visiting.
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Czech Republic. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever see, great history, beatiful women, and just all around awesome feel. Everything is dirt cheap there, beers for a quarter, packs of cigs for less than a Euro, super cheap and good food (I was eating a plate of dumplings for what i remember being less than 3$ american.) I don't know about lodging but I'd think you could find something pretty cheap, I stayed in a hostel for like 20$ a night. I don't know about internet, didn't really use it there but I'm sure they have it.
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If the time difference isn't too much of an issue, I'd add Brno in the Czech Republic to the list. Prague is getting more and more expensive by the day and with the dollars further decline against the Czech Crown you'll get more bang for your buck outside the capital. From Brno you can jump on a train and be in Prague, Bratislava or Vienna with a couple of hours (OK maybe three). Internet connections are fairly easy to come by and there's plenty of wifi spots. You could rent an apartment (or room) in one of the old concrete panel buildings for peanuts. The language is a sod to learn, but plenty of people speak good English. Not sure what else to add other than good luck wherever you end up.
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Portland, Maine, just avoid the dead of winter.
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US suggestions:

Florida Panhandle. Get a place about 5-10 miles from the beach, kinda near a wal-mart, and you'd be paying very very cheap rent and still be able to have fun with the hicks on the beach. The beaches are beautiful there, and there's easy access to internet. Places like Dothan AL, might also work.

Tenn / Kentucky ? Live in the hills or mountains. Those areas are economically depressed, so things are really cheap. Again, you'll be amongst hicks, but that's the cost of being cheap.

Michigan coast ? I have no idea what would be cheap up that way, but it's beautiful and I'm sure if you're willing not to have lake views from your bedroom, you could probably live cheap. Probably higher quality hicks up that way...

Outside the US:

I recommend these more highly. When else will you get to be a bachelor, live in a cool place, keep crazy hours, and generally have a blast?! You won't. Or at least you might not. So take advantage and travel and live somewhere interesting.

Guatemala / Costa Rica. Amazing beauty. CR is more built up and more expensive. Even if you're paying tourist-ish prices (esp in CR), you can live cheap, especially if you're not on the beach or in some eco-resort (i.e., get an apartment in San Jose, or Golfito or some other regional capital. Still cool, and easy access to internet). Central timezone.

Venezuela / Peru / Ecuador. These are all in central or mountain time. Amazing countries (never been personally, but I know some USians who've been and I know some locals too), easy internet (esp in cities), and cheap.

I wouldn't want to live in SEA if I had to be on US time... You're going to be a bit lonely already, and, I'd be afraid that you won't be able to enjoy the life of the country if you're totally "upside down" all the time. How will you eat out? How will you get a beer when you need a beer? Etc. If you only had to 1/2 way be on US time, or only 3 days per week or something, I'd consider it. Once you're there, it's really cheap.
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Yeah dude, Kentucky. I go to school in Lexington, and the surrounding areas (well, lexington itself even) are very cheap to live in and are getting broadband penetration. Not sure if you can get DSL out in the hills, but I think most of the bluegrass is covered.
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Unless you live downtown in one of the larger cities in Ohio, I'm assuming no where in America will be a good place to live and be cheaper to live. I'd suggest somewhere in South America, as the weather will be more temperate than what you'll find in Central America.
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Re: Venezuela - just read an article in the Economist that iirc said the crime rate there is the worst in South America.
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Venezuela is very hairy at the moment. My company just turned down a prospective client there due to safety concerns. The Dept of State has strong concerns about Venezuela too - although anti-Chavez bias may have ramped it up a little.

The FCO (UK) is a little less damning but I still don't think it viable.
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Bulgaria. Still not on the Euro, and pretty cool besides.
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Athens, Georgia.
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