Where have I heard this Trail of Dead song?
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And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead - "Wasted State of Mind" Where have I heard this song before? Is it on a soundtrack to a movie I've seen?

I heard this song for the first time today, or so I thought 'til I got to the pre-chorus/chorus section ("Caught in a stasis..."), which sounds insanely familiar.

Has this song been in a television show or movie? Maybe a commercial or trailer? Did any band touring through Massachusetts cover it sometime in the last two years?

It's the single from the album "So Divided," which came out in November 2006, but I wouldn't have heard it on the radio or in a friend's dorm or anything. I'm sure of this. Anyone have any ideas?
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according to some googling, it seems the song appeared on the TV show Friday Night Lights. Did you see it there?
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According to Wikipedia, the song "So Divided" is the one that was played on the show, not "Wasted State of Mind."
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Damn that's a good track!

I'm not having any luck searching for it, maybe because they're referred to with "..." in front of their name sometimes.
I'm guessing it might have been used on a trailer or a commercial, it definitely sounds familiar.

btw this is a great site for looking up music in commercials. If you're in the UK that is.

Good luck!
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Ok, I offer no help at all, except to offer that I recognize the song as well. However, both my husband and I agree that we've either heard a different version, or possibly a cover. The version I think of doesn't include the drumming in the background. I think it might have been from my online radio listening, either "Dark Sparkle" on Live 365, or on pandora. But it is really familiar. Sorry to not be any help.
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Maybe it's just a chord progression similar to another song?
Forgive me if that's not the right phrasing, I know not of what I speak.
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