Where in Japan (or online) can I get this Japanese cable for my MacBook power adapter?
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I want to buy a 2-pronged figure-8 cable (IEC 320 type c7) with a Japanese plug to work in Japan with my MacBook power adapter. Where should I look for this in Japan, or even better is there somewhere online where I can buy it and have it shipped to Japan?

Just to be as clear as possible, I want to buy a version of this cable, with the same IEC 320 c7 plug shown on the left (this end goes into my MacBook's power adapter) but with a Japanese plug on the the other end instead of the North American plug pictured. This product from the Japanese Apple store is almost exactly what I need, except that I want a long cord rather than just a little plug, and I don't care if it fits stylishly flush with my Apple adapter.

Can this type of cord be found in Japan? If so, where should I start looking (I'm in Namie, Fukushima prefecture)?

Even better, is there somewhere online that I can buy this cord and have it shipped to Japan?

As a side question, if I find and use this cord will it blow up my computer? I don't think it will, as the MacBook power adapter says "100-240V" on it, and even has a little Icon with "Apple Japan" written on it (despite buying it in Australia), but it's worth asking.
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I'm a little confused by the idea of a "Japanese plug" - all of my US electronics fit into Japan's outlets (I'm on one now!). Is this an issue of having the different sized blades?

In real life, I would head to an electronics store (Ishimaru actually has plugs and parts where I am) or a do-it-yourself/hobbyist type shop (which carry everything! The ones I know near here are called Homac and Joyful Honda. I'm not sure if they are exist in Fukushima, though they're both chains.)

Online, you will have difficulty unless you can a) read Japanese and b) pay for the order. If you're a foreigner, you probably don't have a Japanese credit card, and would have to pay by bank transfer.

Also, it will not blow up your computer.
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Response by poster: Thanks whatzit, I came here to update having realised that Japanese and American systems use the same plug (I'm from Australia). As long as I have an adapter for the voltage system, which is the computer's adapter, I'll be fine.

Any more help with the "where can I buy this, online or otherwise" part of the question would be great. Reading Japanese and paying for it isn't an issue.
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well then. (I've ordered from rakuten before.)
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Apples power adapters are auto-switching. I've used my MBP in Japan, China, the UK, etc. with nothing more than a regular plug adapter. (you could buy official kit for the usual Apple price)
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Go to an electronics/electrical store like Kojima or K's Denki also go to Fukushima City or to Sendai it'll be easier and quicker than trying to mail order it's just a cheap commodity item (a few hundred yen) - there's an Apple Store in Sendai too if you want the real thing (not a few hundred yen!).
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Most newer electronics - Apple included - have power bricks that can handle voltages worldwide, from 100v to 240v, 50 or 60 hz AC. All you need is an ungrounded plug, as the power cord that comes with the Macbook brick is three-prong grounded rather than two-prong ungrounded.
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Try Interpower, I'm not sure if they sell to individual or just business', but they certainly have what you need.
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