Good moving companies in Seattle?
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Can you recommend a good moving company for an in-city move in Seattle?

I'd like to have actual movers carry (but not pack) my belongings from this house to our new house. I'm getting overwhelmed by the ask mefi horror stories and all the moving scam scams. So what are some actually good, reputable, not complained about companies?

We're just moving across the city, from Ballard to West Seattle. I'd love personal recommendations or other ways to discover who would be good to work with.
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Myself and two other people I know have used Jordan River Moving. All of us were very pleased with the results.
posted by Riemann at 8:50 PM on July 29, 2008

Hansen Brothers, absolutely. They did a five-mile move for us, and were polite, friendly, and fast.
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I've used Adam's Moving and Delivery twice, and have been absolutely delighted with them--prompt, honest, very friendly and polite, and speedy yet careful. (On the second move, Adam [the owner] was there hauling stuff right alongside the other two guys and overseeing everything.) I'd give them a strong recommendation.
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Thanks so much! I'll ask them for estimates.
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Um, wow. Jordan River Moving got 23 complaints at the better business bureau last year. Probably not the one to go with.
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