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OutlookFilter: Is there a way to assign a task in Outlook where I receive the reminder as well as the assignee?

My co-worker and I are trying to set up a production calendar for the web site we work on. We want to keep it to Outlook and not use an outside system (like Google Calendar). We just want to send quick reminders (1-2 lines) to ourselves to do things on recurring set dates (annually, every three months, twice a year, etc.).

I thought using Outlook tasks would be the way to go, but as far as I can tell, it will not send me (the task assigner) an e-mail reminder of the due date; it will only send the reminder to the assignee (my co-worker) and then let me know when he's completed the task. That isn't important to us--we just want to be reminded and have the recurrence function so we don't have to enter tasks repeatedly.

I'm about to just use the calendar function instead. Any other suggestions?
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Would Outlook Tasks allow you to make yourself an assignee as well? That way you'd both get the notification.
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No, unfortunately. I've tried that.
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