"Sum of Total Cost" is redundant; I said "Total", didn't I?
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Excel 2007: How do I get "Sum of" out of the data headers of my Pivottable?

I used to consistently use the "Table 7" design in Excel 2003, which would strip "Sum of" out of the headings wonderfully. Now the design menu is gone, and if I change (say) "Sum of Total Cost" to "Total Cost" by hand, I get a "PivotTable field name already exists".

I could always rename it to "Total Cost " (note the trailing space), but such a kludge makes me cringe. I've tried changing the data source of past PivotTables to my new data, but that almost always makes Excel crash.

Has Excel simply lost this?
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If you don't mind losing the pivot table and only need the data simply copy and paste the data out to another table and retype your headers.
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Response by poster: I'm afraid I'm going to be regularly updating the data, so making it static isn't an option.
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When you create the "Layout" of the Pivot Table (dragging values into the row/columns/data areas), you should be able to double click on any column/value that you place and change the displayed name of it. You could delete "Sum of" or change the whole thing to "Skryche Rules!" if you wanted to.
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Response by poster: Nope. Deleting "Sum of" gives me "PivotTable field name already exists".
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