2 power sources?
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I just got a new computer, and the speaker cord has me curious.

It looks like any other I've ever had, but there is a USB connector split off from the regular jack right at the end. Do I choose one or the other, or do I plug them both in? In either event, I have no audio at present. Mahalo in advance.
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Model number and maker would be helpful. Photos are always good too.
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You should be able to plug in the regular (1/8" stereo mini) plug to get your sound. The USB cord might be to let you control some computer feature with a knob or other input on the speakers. It might also be for a power supply. Do the speakers have their own AC adaptor? If not, that's probably it.
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Instead of plugging the speaker into a wall for power, it draws power from the USB jack.
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It's a Gateway DX442B, and the speakers identify themselves as sigma tel high definition codec. It is the same type USB connector as the mouse and printer, and the familiar green color coded speaker jack.
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It's for power. At work when we install new speakers, they're this type. it saves you from having a power brick hanging off your surge protector.
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the speakers identify themselves as sigma tel high definition codec

No, that's the audio card in your computer.
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Yep.. Gateway's website says "USB Speakers"... so I'd be willing to bet quite a bit of money that the USB connector is for POWER...

You'll need to have BOTH the green 1/8inch audio jack plugged in.. as well as the USB connector in order to hear sound.
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Thank you all, it works now.
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