alarm force touchtone codes
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does anyone know the alarmforce touchtone code to set entry delay?

Just got an alarmforce system, and told the installer to set it to go off as soon as the door is opened, unless of course I disarm first with my wireless fob before opening the door

trouble is there is no real way to know for sure if it indeed has been disarmed. it has worked ok so far, but in the case of a lost of broken fob i will be screwed, because i'll have no way to get in w/o it going off immediately. i do have a keypad set up inside via a phone connected to the main unit, so if i did set the delay, even w/o the fob i could then disarm using the keypad.

so anyway, you can program this thing via that touchtone phone, and the manual gives some basics. it does not however say how to reset the door sensor to give me some delay

the installer said that if i want to do that i just need to reset the door from channel 8 to channel 6, not sure what that meant. maybe he meant on the door sensor unit itself, i don't know. anyway, does anyone know how to reset this so i can have an entry delay?

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You should contact the engineers that first installed the original alarm for answers, talk of any way to modify your system here, is only to your (security) detriment.
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