Early 80s SF generation ship book
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I'm trying to remember the name of an SF novel I read back in the early 80s. It took place on a generation ship that has lost its way.

The main character, a teenage boy, I think he was named "link" or "linc" is part of the ship community which is failing because after so much time everyone has forgotten where they are or what the true purpose of the ship is.

He goes into the forbidden 0 gravity area of the ship looking for the old man who is the only one who remembers the true purpose of their journey. He's in the 0g area because he has a heart condition. That's all I've got - thanks.
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Wikipedia has an article on generation ships, maybe you'll recognize the title?
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Sounds like Heinlein's Orphans of the Sky.
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Orphans of the Sky sounds close - and I think I've read that one, so maybe I'm mixing up a couple.

But I'm almost sure there was a character named "Link" and the old guy they find in the 0g hub is a disappointment because he's fat and frail.
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It sounds like End of Exile by Ben Bova. The boy is named Linc and the old man is named Jerlet.
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I second iconomy. Loved it when I was younger.
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The interior 0g part doesn't match, but the boy protagonist does. First SF book I ever read, from 1953: The Star Seekers by Milton Lesser (cover). Just added it to the Wiki list.
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Non Stop might be a candidate. IIRC it's got the 0g bit.
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iconomy has it. All three books are available in a single volume.
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Working link
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Thanks Iconomy, that was it! I'm going to get it now, I hope it is as much fun as I remember.
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