Can I rename my new partition?
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I have a new 160 gig HD that I partitioned into two drives. One of the partitions is exclusively for mp3s. Unfortunately, when I open the drive, XP treats it as a "My Pictures" folder. How do I change it to a "My Music" folder? Ordinarily, I'd go Properties>Customize, but when I go Properties on the root folder, I get hard drive properties. (General / Tools / Hardware / etc.)
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TweakUI will do that for you. Just install it, go to "Special Folders", and change "My Music" to that partition.
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Response by poster: Okay, yeah, I could do that.. But I want to keep a "My Music" on my C: drive, mainly because I don't trust Microsoft's "helpful" automatic crapola. Another suggestions? (Thanks for TweakUI, I can't believe I never installed it when I upgraded to XP.)
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I don't know if you can change the folder template of an entire drive in that way. What I did for my MP3 HD is I went to the root of the drive, selected all the folders (Full Albums/Radio Plays/Audiobooks/Etc), and changed the template via Properties > Customize, checking the Apply The Template To All Subfolders box.
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