Bargain shoppers Extrodionaires: What are the websites that help you to save?
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Bargain shoppers Extrodionaires: What are the websites that help you to save?

I have recently discovered that there are a variety of websites out there of folks looking for great deals on all types of stuff. Specifically, I am thinking of I would like to know what other websites are out there that have quality bargains/deals/coupons posted. Most of all I am looking for one relating to grocery stores/coupons and help on combining the two (I am not interested in paying for a service though). I've found some local bloggers who seem to do this in the south, but I am in New England (Market Basket, Stop&Shop, Shaw's, etc).

Thanks for your help in cutting down on my grocery bill and maybe some other expenses too!
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Retailmenot helps me out from time to time. If you know about SD, you likely know about FatWallet. I cut down on expenses by trying to remember to check one of those sites before making any purchase.
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For me, and are great. I hear good things about too. Of course there are always Froogle, Pricescan, etc..

Hope that helps!

Oh and it doesn't hurt to look for coupon or promo codes through Google, eg: dominos couple code
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Best answer: Here's a secret deleted thread that will answer a lot of your questions.
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Fatwallet and slickdeals are the big ones, and bensbargains is one I like also -- this is an alert crowd.

One last is -- nowhere near the quantity of posts but when they do put up a post it's always valid, not something where you have to pricematch against two stores or some such. Not a spectacular site but one I keep an eye on. Mostly tech items.
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If you're looking specifically for grocery deals, you're looking for HotCouponWorld. The folks there publish coupon circulars, tips for saving 50% or more on your grocery or drugstore bill using a combination of sales and coupons, and notices of unadvertised sales. There's also a thriving community of coupon traders so that you can stockpile coupons for items you use often, and people are willing to act as mentors to those who are new to the savings game. You get the same service that you'd get from The Grocery Game and other pay sites, but for free. I can't recommend it highly enough. Vastly superior to SlickDeals for grocery savings.
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This is more for clothing, but it might be helpful nonetheless: Shop it to Me.
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In Canada, there's and - RFD is a blog/forum and PriceCanada is a comparison tool run by the same folks.
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Always been a fan of
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I'm a big fan of Wired Deals, a Fatwallet/Slickdeals deal aggregator (essentially saves you the work of looking for the really hot deals on either of those forums).

The creator (a mefi member, I think) also runs a blog called that regularly looks at deal site marketshare (deal sites, price comparison services and coupon sites), so that should pretty much give you an overview of what else is out there. Still, I think FW and SD will typically cover everything you need, and wireddeals gives you a nice summary.
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The Bargainist has been useful for me.
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for my little local PC biz, I find the best deals through, and if u sign up as a Delta Airlines Skymiles shopper, you earn a mile for each buck you spend. You actually earn more miles thru other sites on their extensive list, so it is worth checking out. I like getting SOMETHING back for my patronage!
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