Is my therpist steering me toward a creepy cult-like thing?
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Is anyone familiar with Bonding Psychotherapy, previously known as the New Identity Process?

My therapist has suggested that I try this group, which claims to help adults who suffered neglect in childhood earn to be more stable and healthy in relationships. It makes me just a little nervous that there isn't a whole lot of data online about it, and also that they felt the need to change the name of it. Does it sound like it smacks of cultiness? Has anyone actually tried it, or talked with anyone who has? Thanks.
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I'm not familiar with Bonding Psychotherapy, but I have heard of the New Identity Process, especially in relation to to skepticism about new-age psychotherapies. It's not really a cult per se. Remember all the press that Primal Scream therapy got in the news and in popular culture back in the 70s? I think it's a more developed version of that sort of idea.
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In all seriousness, I'd ask to see some published efficacy studies. It doesn't sound harmful, but it does sound like a shortcut to insight and it would ring my alarm bells, too.

It doesn't look dubious enough to dismiss a therapist for, but I would proceed cautiously. It seems a little too MIRACLE CURE to me. Although I can see people saying that about Cognitive Behavior Therapy and I do believe in that, so...maybe. But CBT has been vetted pretty thoroughly--I don't know whether this thing has.
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The "clinical" page sounds very doublespeak to me. They don't explain exactly what they ~do~. It's not talk therapy, it's not prescription meds, it's.. what exactly? Yes, it ~does~ sound sort of culty to me. All I could think of was giant group hugs and "I love you"s given between people in need of help that is a little more concrete.
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