I urgently need a seriously good cosmetic dentist in London.
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I urgently need a seriously good cosmetic dentist in London.

I have a temporary Maryland bridge replacing one of my front teeth. It's made of composite material, is very fragile, and now it's loose for the fourth time. (I've HAD it with this thing.)

I need a dentist who will make me a very nice RPD (flipper) to replace what I've got now, to use until I can afford an implant. When I'm ready for the implant, I'm going need a bone graft, so the dentist needs to work with a good surgeon as well.

I'm not concerned with finding and NHS dentist, this really cannot wait. I'd like to be in a dentist chair in a week.

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Barbican Dental are good, recommended to me by friends. Last week they could make me an appointment in 24 hours (at their Bishopsgate branch). Not NHS, and expensive, but they do cosmetic stuff. Very helpful on the phone as well.

Also, Angel Dental. Don't know anything about them, other than where they are, as I live nearby, but they seem to do specialise in cosmetic operations. They say same day appointments on their website.
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ICED did difficult work brilliantly for me, and not as dear as some other practices.
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