Heavy duty sunblock advice wanted
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SolarFilter: I am a redhead and thus I use sunscreen and sunblock a lot. [mi]

I especially need to sunblock my face, but I have yet to find a product - cheap or expensive - that doesn't seep into my eyes after an hour or two and make them sting.

Any other heliophobes out there with suggestions for brands/ingredients to look for, or to avoid?
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Zadcat, I hear you -- as Woody Allen says in Play It Again, Sam, "I don't burn, I stroke." I use a sunblock that comes in a stick (it looks like a miniature solid deodorant, actually) by Hawaiian Tropic called Ozone (SPF-50!). It's oil-free and, in my experience, once you rub it in it doesn't budge.
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On the advice of my dermo, I use Eucerin Facial. It's never made my eyes sting, and I live in AZ, so I sweat through my sunscreen a lot.
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I use the Coppertone Faces kind (it's SPF 45), never had a problem with it getting in my eyes.
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Doh! I keep forgetting to mail you this transparent zinc oxide - and it's right on my desk. I'll do it soon (whatever that means)! It works great for me on bike rides. (Product is SkinCeuticals Sport UV Defense, SPF 45.)
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Try baby sunscreen, especially in stick form. Coppertone's Spectra, in the pink packaging, is a great drugstore brand. I am also a big fan of Mustela, which is nice if you want to spend a little money.

Neutrogena makes a terrific stick as well, which is really handy for keeping in your purse for random sunshiny occasions.
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You almost certainly know this, but it helps a lot to apply it before you go out so it can soak in before you start sweating.

I've taken to wearing a hat during the mid-day hours of most of the year. Keeping one of these collapsible hats on hand helps. (They look all right in the website pictures but they will quickly get wrinkled and the brim will get wavy bends in it... fortunately, I don't care.) With a brimmed hat, I don't to worry much about sunblock over my eyes.
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Hawaiian Tropic Ozone, SPF 70!!!

Kept me victorian pale durring 2 weeks of Burningman, has never once gotten into my eyes, nor is greasy. Also - has been tested on co-workers who are allerigic to everything and passed with flying colours.
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almay makes a face lotion which is SPF 15, called Kinetin. very nonirritating.

origins also spikes most of their face creams with sunscreen and still sells titanium diozide sunblock for the face. their products are also very nonirritating.
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Response by poster: Much later: thanks for all the suggestions!
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