Where can I play soccer in Southern Cal?
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I would like to find a place where I can play soccer in the San Fernando Valley. I have searched google many times and have only found one league that plays in Griffith Park I believe. That is too far... Please help me find a place close to home where I can play (ideally on a weekly basis).

I am trying to find a place where I can play soccer on a regular basis in the San Fernando Valley (Chatsworth, Northridge, Granada Hills area). Ideally, this would be as a member of a team/leaue. Unfortunately, I have never really played soccer before, so starting with an advanced team is not an ideal option. That said, I am fairly athletic and generally pick up new skills quite quickly so I worry that a beginner league would bore me by mid-season.

A brief background: I played football, basketball and tennis throughout my youth and into high school. I ran track and cross country in college after which I played some semi-pro football (dont let the name fool you, it's more like post-high school football) and played in a couple of hockey leagues. When I joined my first hockey team it was a level 2 out of 5 (5 being highest). I had never played on a hockey team before and was one of the worst people on the team the first couple of weeks. By the end of the season I was one of the best. I generally get immersed in my sport and anticipate I will do the same with soccer.

I would like to find a team where I can be forced to improve my skills rapidly and be a decent player by mid-season. I would be happy with a co-ed, or play-for-fun league if a more competitive league is not an option.

Are there any leagues that play primarily in the Valley? If not, is there a good place that I could go to hop into a game and play?

Please help me find a place to learn & enjoy the game while getting a good workout.
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You could start with Meetup.com.
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All of the posts at Meetup.com are too far away...Santa Monica is a nightmare drive (wife commutes there for work at over an hour each way). Pasadena is about 40 minutes away and a bit too far to go on a weekly bases.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated. I used to see games going on in various parks and I never thought to stop to inquire about joining. I have been keeping an eye out for the last few months, but have not noticed any action while I am on the road.
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Some googling turns up this club in North Hollywood (they seem to play in Calabasas quite a lot, which is nearer you).

A citysearch search turns up a few in the valley, but details are sparse, so you would need to call them.

There's a soccer field in Balboa Park, perhaps you could stop by sometime on the weekend and see if there is anyone to ask. Or why not call the Santa Monica and Hollywood leagues and see if they know any clubs nearer you. I'm sure they have matches against other local clubs, so they are probably the best sources of local info.
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Didnt think about calling other clubs to see if they know of any local to me. I might give that a try. Also, the games at Balboa park are an option...not terribly close to my home in Porter Ranch, but definitely not too far to drive on a regular basis.

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