Life Expectancy Of A Cell Phone Battery
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Could someone give me a rough estimate on how long I can expect my cell phone battery to last. I am sure there is a wide variance, but I am just looking for an average life expectancy. I use it every day and charge it in the evening. I use it approximately 3 hours a week. Thanks in advance.
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Probably two years -- three, if you're lucky. That's about the average life of a Li-ion battery.
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I had an el cheapo Nokia 2260 with BL5C battery that I bought in March 2005 and I didn't have to replace the battery until April 2008, though by that time the charge was holding only for several hours instead of days.
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Lithium batteries these days tend to die in about 3 years, unrelated to usage pattern. It's not a threshold thing; it's a gradual degradation which is caused by the underlying chemistry. Usually at about the three-year point the degradation is sufficient to render the battery useless.
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You're overcharging it. Let it run down before charging. Yeah, I know, new technology, blah, blah, blah. My last phone purchase was 3 phones & we each had different charging habits. I charged mine nightly or nearly so--just topping it off--while my wife let hers run down completely and gave it a full charge. (the third user was right in the middle.) My battery didn't quite last the 2 years of the contract, and the middle one was holding a charge for about a day. The wife's was in decent shape.
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Nthing overcharging. I typically charge my phone once a week, if that.
But then I'm a very light user - no more than 20 minutes a day.
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what phone model do you have? it varies wildly between phones. for example, sony ericsson's z310a has 3.5hrs of talk time and the w300i has 9hrs.
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