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Windows Server 2003 - Best way to see what files (and their locations) disk quotas are counting against a user?

I am running a 30 user 2003 domain using roaming profiles and 2GB disk quotas with XP Pro. All are working well except one user.

For some reason quota entries claim that she has 4GB used in her profile, but I cannot find what the quotas are talking about. Her profile is around 200MB, same on the server. I've searched through the server to find these files (music files from a year ago when the profiles was first started - all were erased from server and station) but I haven't found anything.

My question... What's the best way to list the files quotas are seeing?

There may be something obvious here I'm missing, but I'm a Linux man working with 2003 and nothing I can find online mentions how to list the files attributed to a user in quotas.
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If you have 2003 R2 and the file server role installed, you can run a report using the File Server Resource Manager. It'll be in your administrative tools folder, then you just right click on Storage Reports Management and then click Generate Reports Now. The 'Files by Owner' or 'Quota Usage' templates should do it I think.
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Best answer: If you prefer the command-line, try something like this in powershell:

PS C:\>get-childitem -recurse | get-acl | where {$_.Owner -match "Your_Username"}

Quotas are based on the files 'owner' so the files could be in any folder on the disk where the user has permission to create files.
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Also, in case you don't have R2, Spacemonger is pretty great. Although that website is not.
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Response by poster: unfortunately, not R2 and no need to upgrade. Spacemonger is a seriously cool program but it's not what I'm after.

Powershell did the trick, and well. Thank you.
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