Is this site TopSiteReviews legit or just a shill?
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Is this site TopSiteReviews legit or just a shill? The domain was registered 10 days back and WHOIS data is protected by proxy. I found it while researching the topic in this thread. Are there other sites which are legit?
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Just from looking at it, it seems to be a scam. It just feels spammy. Maybe that's the crappy FrontPage-ness, but I feel icky just having loaded the page.

Plus there's some (apparently unused) popup JavaScript on the page, which is kind of an ill portent.
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1. Any site that is called "top site" anything is to be avoided, for any category, from MP3 sites, to warez, to blogs, to whatever. They are nothing but traffic-funnels. Avoid. Do not buy. Do not attend. Do not go. Do not bother. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

2. Any site which charges you a fee in order to "hire" you, or to in some way make you money, is to be avoided.

3. Any site which uses templates or boilerplate text is to be avoided:

Companies value and need the candid opinions of real consumers.

secure PRESCRIPTION-FREE on-line access to over 500 FDA approved medications including Viagra, Xenical and Propecia.

they will give you between $400-3200 per month to get a New Car.

4. Look at the results to the Google searches linked above. Notice something? Yes, many of the results returned are for even more links sites, which in turn link to more link sites, ad infinitum.
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