"Sooney knew what she thought about things." Sound familiar?
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Bookfilter: In search of older grade school kids' book I read once years ago while visiting my cousin, and kind of dug. All I can remember is that it was a vaguely medieval setting, where the main character was a young woman named either Soony or Sooney, who lived alone in a cottage in the woods; much of the book was taken up with her helping out three different princesses or noblewomen in succession. Towards the very end, Sooney finally meets a young man herself, but rather than a nobleman, he was another salt-of-the-earth person like herself, and HE'S the one she marries. I also remember that once in a while the narration would comment on something wise or common-sensical Sooney did by saying: "That was Sooney. She knew what she thought about things." Does this sound familiar to anyone? The book would probably have been published sometime before the mid-80's, as that's about the time I read it.
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How about Soonie and the Dragon?
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Mother of God, that's it. Thank you!
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