Help me design my boy's room -- He loves Dodge trucks!
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Help me design my boy's room -- He loves Dodge trucks!

My boy is 8 years old and moving into his own room away from his brother. I have painted murals on his walls before, but was wanting to give him more of a grown up, but still fun room. The hope would be that he is happy for at least 3 or 4 years with what we come up with.

He wants the theme of the room to be Dodge trucks. He loves the everything Dodge related.

I'm hoping you can all give me general ideas of things to put in his room, or make things out of (I'm pretty crafty) etc. so it can be a fun place for him and his friends to hang out.

Specifically, I'm also looking for:
High Res pictures of Dodge trucks
Links to any sites that provide large quality stick on stuff like
Dodge accessories etc.

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You could do a lot with clothing and accessories. There are lots of sites with this gear to be found via Google. Buy a bunch of hats and line a dresser with them. Fix a T-shirt to the wall. Get the Dodge wall clock. But Dodge motorsports flags.
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How about a Dodge truck-grille footboard and/or a dashboard-like headboard?

Build some chairs out of truck bucket seats!

Small glass-top tables built out of two or three wheels, stacked, perhaps.
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I used a projector hooked up to a laptop, a pencil and a pot of black paint to do this to my wall.

It was easy - I would look into finding a nice hi-res picture of a truck and paint it in 1 or 2 colours on the wall. If it looks cool, he'll like it for a few years at least. Mefi-mail me if you want any more details on how I did it.
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Also, this google image search brings up plenty of nice looking results for huge pictures of Dodge trucks, which should be a good starting point.
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