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How can I alphabetize my feeds in Google Reader?

I looked in the Google Reader help. I looked through the askme archives. I used my google-fu. I got nothing.

I realize that I can drag and drop things and put them in any order I want. But that is annoying, and I want things to alphabetize themselves automatically.

For reference, I'm talking about the subscription list on the lower left (at least on my set up).

So, any way I can put these things in alpha order besides dragging and dropping?
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I can't offer any solution, but my Google Reader used to alphabetize feeds for me, as I added subscriptions. Then a couple of months ago, this behavior stopped. I'm worried they think it's a feature and not a bug.
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Wow, I just noticed how incredibly wack this is.

If you go to the "manage subscriptions" page (aka the Settings Page, Subscriptions tab) you can force them back into order by creating a new folder and moving all your feeds into that folder in one go, without returning to the regular Reader view.
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I scoured through the Google FAQs (because your question made me think "hey, shouldn't that be a feature?") and, apparently, you may very well be stuck with dragging and dropping.

It may make future maitenence easier for you if you use folders and can alphabetize within each folder.
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Ugh! I had no idea that feeds could be dragged around to reorder them until I saw this post. Google Reader was alphabetizing them just fine until I dragged one... Now it's adding all new ones to the bottom of the list. :(
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bah. as of April 24 they were "working on it." clearly nothing has been fixed though.

well, at least i'm not the only one with the pony.
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i noticed today that there is now an "options" button at the lower left of the list of feeds. there you can pick to drag n drop or auto alphabatize. no idea how long it's been there, but i'm glad it's there!
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