Small car for those with cold winter butts?
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Is there a Japanese car -- subcompact or compact size -- that has heated seats as an option? (I can't seem to find one among the new models.) If not, why not? We Northerners would certainly pay for this feature, but it looks like you still have to get up to the Accord/Camry size before they are an option!
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Best answer: The 2008 Civic Sedan has heated seats, and so does the Infinity G37 coupe.
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So does the top of the line Civic Coupe, by the way.
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My 2008 Subaru Forester has heated seats. It's not exactly a compact, but it's not a mid-size sedan, either. They're part of the "Premium" package, which is really only one step up from the base model.

I'm pretty sure heated seats were an option on the Impreza, which is more of a compact. Subaru might have removed the option with the 2009 redesign, however.
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The Acura TSX also fits your criteria.
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My 2007 euro Civic has leather heated seats, but it's top of the line version.
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Best answer: Pretty much any dealer can install great aftermarket heated seats in any vehicle. Check Corporation makes pretty much the best ones out there, and if you prefer to not use your dealer there is an installer locator on their website.

In many cases, going this route is a LOT cheaper than having to select a certain vehicle or upgrade to a pricier option package just for the luxury of a warm butt. :)
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Could you get a heated seat cover that plugs into the cigarette lighter?
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Best answer: The Mazda 3 s Grand Touring has heated seats.
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Best answer: Subaru Impreza Outback Sport or WRX
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My 2007 Elantra has heated seats, it's not the top of the line model (no leather)
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