Eames chair question
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I bought a vintage Eames fiberglass shell on eBay not realizing it had the wide mounts. Is it possible to move the mounts to fit a narrow base without harming the chair?
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Do you have any wood shop skills/equipment?

I had a very difficult car problem of a similar vain a year or so ago.... i just paid a local welding shop to create an adapter mount out of sheet metal. I paid about $200 for the work and $150 for the more common part, but it saved me about $600 on the original part.

So, taking that idea, maybe you could create a simple adapter piece out of hard wood?
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not sure what it looks like, but a piece of 3/4" plywood cut to the larger size and drilled for the smaller size, with appropriate T-nuts or nuts and washers, would be cheap and easy to make if you have rudimentary skills.

i guess seconding what door2summer says, on refresh.
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You could try contacting Herman Miller and see what they have to say. It will be the most conservative answer, but if they say it is OK then I think you can rest assured.
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