Phoenix-Area Late Night/Weekend Drycleaner - Wishful Thinking?
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Phoenix-area dry cleaner - Needs to be open late/on the weekend!

Flying into Phoenix Friday evening. Need to have something dry cleaned for Sunday. Problem is, won't land in Phoenix until 5:00 pm, so won't be able to drop off until 6:00 pm or so. Willing to drive anywhere. Already talked to the hotel, and they aren't able to do it or help.

Any ideas, suggestions?
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Where are you staying? This is a big (very big) valley.
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I can't vouch for these folks but they offer free pick-up and delivery.
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Response by poster: (I'm asking for someone - I'm actually from Phoenix) They're staying at Homewood Suites around Metrocenter, so I-17 & Peoria or close to it. Honestly they'll drive anywhere. I've tried Google but can't find anything.
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Best answer: Prestige Cleaners in Scottsdale stays open until 7:00 PM, Mon-Sat. If you get your item in by 11:00 AM they'll have it ready by 5:00 that afternoon so you could wait until Saturday morning to make the drive.

They have several locations but this one is close to Loop 101 and will be within a 30-minute drive from MetroCenter via the freeways. If you want to go there Friday evening directly from the airport, it'll probably be a slightly longer drive because of rush hour traffic.

I can vouch for them, I've used them for years.
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