Web-based chore tracker for multiple people
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Are there any online goal or chore trackers that can be used by more than one person?

I'm looking for a web-based app that allows my boyfriend and I to keep track of who does what when it comes to chores and various other goals. Joe's Goals would be perfect if it allowed multiple users to work together. I'd like something shiny and simple, instead of just a google spreadsheet, if at all possible.
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If you like WoW parodies, there's Chore Wars...
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I've been using rememberthemilk.com (based on a response to a previous AskMe) and love it. I use it for myself only, but there are "share" options that I think would be exactly what you're looking for!
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I found Chore Buster a while back to do the same thing you're looking to do.
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My Chores allows you to track chores as a individually and as a team.
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Funnily enough I've actually been putting something like this together for the Missus' birthday - largely so she can prod me to stop slacking, not the other way round. I'm not suicidal!

It's got a xbox gaming-esque theme to it - tasks are created as "achievements" which can be earned for accomplishing them, and the site actually links them to (and pulls genuine xbox stats from) a persons Live GamerTag if they have one. Strictly speaking, none of that is actually required though (it works perfectly well without a GamerTag).

I've deliberately left it pretty basic at the moment (It only went "live" this weekend for her birthday) but I'll be expanding the feature set. Those exansions will be largely based on her requests (or those of other users - a couple of mates have asked to be added to it).

One of the things she has already requested is the ability to allow multiple users to be tagged to a single task/achievement (apparently you need two people to clean the bathroom. Who knew!), so i'll be looking at adding that in this week.

Anyway, site's here:


And my profile (if you want a basic example) is here:

GariusTheBrit on xboxwife

Just message or email me if you want a login.
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