Moving Podcasts to the Correct iTunes Container
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How can I move my favorite podcast (which I download manually, because the iTunes feed is a week behind) from the Music Library to the Podcast Library, if for no other reason than it's easier to get to it once I transfer to my iPod?

I listen to Smodcast almost religiously. A while back, they stopped putting the newest episode on iTunes the day it came out, switching to a schedule where you have to go to the website to get it on time. I'm fine with that. Problem is, when you download it, it's just a regular ol' MP3 and sits in the iTunes music library. How can I force it to behave otherwise?

Google gives me plenty of ways to move a podcast to the music library, but none to do the other way around. Programs like Lostify let you tag stuff you download from your browser as TV Shows and Movies so they go in the right section, but their FAQ says pretty clearly that they aren't supporting podcast tagging. What's a podcaster to do?
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Best answer: Are you using a Mac? I found at least one script over at that should work.
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When facing similar issues, I've rolled my own podcast feed: On my web server, I've created an XML file that I've subscribed to in iTunes as a podcast. I update the file as needed, and iTunes downloads and removes as any other podcast.

You can download anyone's podcast feed to use as a template - a person with the vaguest familiarity with HTML will get comfy quick. I suspect a person without access to a web server could find some free service to host that file.
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If you have (or have access to) a Linux box, gtkpod will do the trick.

You can drag any local file into the iPod's podcast library and it will behave all podcastlike from there on out.
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Response by poster: Ah, the ever popular DougScript. There were some bumps along the way, but because I knew where to look, I figured it out. Very useful...thanks!
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I also have the same issue with the same podcast, I would bet. but I am using a pc. i wish there was an easy work around. is there a batch for pc's to do the same thing? I hate havnig to edit all sorts of stuff to get to behave how I want.
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