Software online for my Japanese cellphone?
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How can I transfer data from my AU W52P Japanese cell phone to my PC via USB, having lost the CD that contains the necessary drivers/software?

I don't have a microSD card, so I can't use the phone as an external storage device. I know I could just email myself the data, but that would cost precious Yen. Is there anywhere online I can find the software? A third-party solution? Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: it seems to be a panasonic phone?
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Best answer: You can download the drivers from Panasonic's website here. If you can read Japanese, page 334 of the manual should have instructions on how to manually send/receive data to/from your mobile phone. I'll abbreviate the steps from the manual just in case:

1. [決定] -> 5 -> 8 -> 2 -> [通常モード] -> [送信]
2. フォルダを選択 -> [決定]
3. 送受信するデータを選択 - > [決定]
4. [送信] (それとも[受信])のソフトキー

Incidentally, what sort of data do you want to transfer? Is it large media files, or more like contacts or emails?
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Or you could simply buy a microSD card ? They are really cheap nowadays ...
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for the speedy and informative answers. I can read Japanese well enough to handle things like the transfer, but not enough to google my way to drivers.

Getting an SD card isn't a bad suggestion. Actually, I already have a few, but I figured the trouble of getting one working in the phone would be more めんどくさい than just solving it this way. Thank you for proving me right! 大変ありがとうございました。
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Your google-fu has failed you :P

I can't read a single japanese character but still managed to google my way to the driver
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