How can I anti-dust-coat a monitor that was wiped down with alcohol?
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ScreenFilter! Coworker has used alcohol-based wipes to clean his monitor, removing the anti-dust coating. Now he has a streaky monitor that attracts dust. Is there a magic wand to make it all better? (Closely related to this recent query.)
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Acetone will take the coating right off and won't harm the glass in the least. It can damage plastic, though, so you need to do the stripping carefully. A razor might help at the edges and corners.
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Response by poster: Aah...

I had in mind something more along the lines of restoring the coating.

/me watches tumbleweeds blow by, sun rises over blasted plain for an hour...

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A friend of mine damaged his screen similarly to this by polishing his screen with galss polish. He then removed the rest of the coating with a brillo pad. This left scratch marks all over the screen, which he attempted to eradicate using some (carefully researched) silicate paste (CD fixing type stuff).
The result, after two weeks of research and work, was a fuzzy looking screen.

He bought a new monitor.
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A brillo pad?
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Response by poster: Great!

I'll pop off to the store for a box of brillo pads directly! Do you recommend the fine, all-metal variety, or the green scotchplastic pot scrubs?

(also: glass polish?)

I must admit, that story made me chuckle.
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Don't use an abrasive. You just scratch glass, you generally can't polish it (outside of an optics lab). If you must, use the finest grade of jeweler's rouge you can find.

You're much better off using the acetone (hardware store in the paint section) and a lint-free cloth.
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nonono, he wants to restore the coating, not take the rest off. No brillo pads, no acetone.
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Response by poster: </irony>

Sorry, forgot to close the tag, there. Probably didn't render in-brower. Won't happen again.
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