Damaged antiglare coating on CRT monitor.
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The screen of my 17" CRT developed a strange, highly-reflective, streaky sheen after sitting under my stairs for six months. (Photo, close-up photo.) I've tried several cleaning agents, but nothing takes it off. The only thing that happened in the interim is that somebody spilled a cup of hot coffee in the vicinity, which splashed the screen, but we cleaned it off pretty quickly and didn't notice any damage at the time. Could coffee etch glass? Or could something else have caused this? Is there anything I can do to clean the screen?
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You probably damaged the anti-glare coating on the monitor, not the glass. If you remove the coating completely the monitor will still be usable, just brighter and more reflective. I've never tried removing the coating myself, but I've heard that ammonia will do it.
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Yeah, you do not want to use regular glass cleaner on your monitor, CRT or LCD. You should use either monitor wipes or a soft clean cloth and light pressure. I usually just use my fleece cap. and try your best to no touch the screen, since oils can damage the coating as well.
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Response by poster: mcguirk, on the strength of your reminder of the existence of anti-glare coating, a little googling provided plenty of information, all basically saying exactly what you said: remove the rest of the coating with ammonia or oven cleaner or something, and get used to the glare. :)

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After you remove the coating, you could get one of those external clip-on glare reducers like the Kenington GlareMaster - there are a whole bunch of different brands on eBay for around $6-15.
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I've Windexed my laptop (Toshiba Satellite) any number of times, with no harm. Ditto my monitors. Dunno what you folk are using, but there's something fishy about it.
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