What do you call everything but the serif?
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Is there a (preferably single-word) term that picks out every part of a character except the serif?

In other words, if I wanted you to circle all the parts of a character except the serif, I would say "Circle the x", where x is something other than something like "parts that aren't the serif."

I've looked through some lists of font terms but I can't find one. Thanks.
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I can't think of a term, but this might help.
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Thanks. I think what I'm after might simply be "Strokes." I didn't think of that term excluding serifs, but according to that page they seem to.
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You could say "the sans serif portion of the character", since 'sans serif' means literally 'without the serifs'
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Why not ask "Circle the serifs" and figure the parts they don't circle are the parts that aren't serifed.

Or you could just name every possible name for non-serif parts.. bars, strokes, crossbars, ligatures etc.

I'm curious why you need this word.. I've never heard anyone need to reference a "non serif" part of a character..
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Nope. "Everything but the serif".
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There is no word for that, so make one up.
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I think "Everything but the serif" was an eighties new wave band.

There's no good word for what you want. Delmoi's suggestion is pretty attractive. But most definitely do not use the word "strokes" since that is adding to the confusion. Serifs ARE strokes, after all, or at least the finishing portion of strokes.
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Also, what is the word for every part of an elephant except the left buttock? i think it may be the same word.
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w0mbat, that term is Elephas maximus sans glutei sinistri.

(Apologies to latinists who actually know what the singular declension corresponding to sans is.)
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