"This phone is not accepting calls"
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My Nokia Net10 prepaid cell phone will not accept calls from certain people. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I've had this Nokia Net10 1600 model phone for the last month and have not been able to get calls from certain people.

They get the message that says something like "this person (or phone) is not currently accepting calls."

The Nokia customer service people aren't helping. Says that it'll take at least a few days to figure out. Right now this is my only phone and I'm going to have to keep for at least another month.

Has anyone had this problem before and how did you fix it other than to upgrade?

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/not really a fix to your problem, but worth a try if you're planning to stick with disposable paygo phones: Grandcentral.com
Get a new number there and distribute it to your friends... you'll get better voicemail, free longdistance calling (when you return calls) etc.
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acro, I've wanted to use GrandCentral a long time. But, since they've been a Goole product it's been in private beta and I need an invite to use. Is there a way around this? Quick way to get one?
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You can sign up for GrandCentral now if you have a Blogger account.
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Back to the question... what happens if you call when the phone is off? Does it behave the same? Perhaps it's not forwarding to voicemail unless it's on, which would be a Net10 setting?
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If this only happens when the phone is on, your phone is doing something weird. Try dialing *#004# and pushing Send. That should tell you your call forwarding settings. To cancel all call forwarding dial #004# and push send.

You can find out more about GSM feature codes here.

I believe Net10 uses a custom firmware to display your remaining balance, so that might change things. From a brief google search it looks like other people have had problems with calls not being forwarded to voicemail when their phones are turned off, with no solution posted.

If you know anyone else with a Net10 phone, try swapping SIM cards and seeing if the problem still occurs.
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