tale of two tivos
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Tivo question about 2 boxes in same house, sucking off the same cable line teat, but 1 is getting some channels that the other doesn't.

My wife has a series 1 thats still hooked up to our land line phone service. My series 2 is hooked up to our wireless network. Her Tivo gets 2 basic channels that my unit suddenly decided not to receive anymore.

What gives?
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"Not receive", as in "I can tune to them, but I just get static"? Or "not receive" in that "they dropped off Tivo's list of channels I can watch/record"?
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Response by poster: They are on the list, but when I try to tune in I get the "Searching for signal" blue box. This has been going on for at least a month. Thats one hell of a long search.
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99% chance it's a signal strength issue, unless they're DirecTV TiVos. Swap the locations of the two boxes temporarily and see what happens.
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If you have any unused cable outlets (free coaxial ends), make sure they're capped with a terminator. This often is enough to resolve signal strength issues. If not, your cable company can sometimes help if they know about the problem.
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if you do wierdo's test and it is in fact a signal strength issue, you might go have a look at the outside of your house and find the splitter where the two lines diverge. i once lived in a house that had a 1-in/3-out cable splitter, where the 3 outputs were 50%, 25% and 25% power, respectively.

i still don't understand why one would want that kind of asymmetry, but i'm sure there's some reason. anyway, it's possible you have such a setup, which can be resolved by replacing the 3-way with a 50/50 2-way splitter.
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i still don't understand why one would want that kind of asymmetry

I don't know all the technical reasons behind it, but at my work we use the lower power outputs for shorter cable runs, where the loss in power didn't matter.
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