Archiving VHS To DVD?
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Do any MeFites have ideas/experience/recommendations for a way to archive VHS tapes to DVD? So far my Google-fu has turned up software that requires having to add video cards to computers, plus a DVD burner, etc. My work would prefer a product that is a stand-alone thing that you can pop in a tape, then convert it to DVD and pop out a DVD. Is there such a thing?
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DVD Recorders. And for a do-it-all device, search for "VCR" in that category.
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Oh, and if you're copying commercially-bought VHS tapes, these recorders usually fall victim to Macromedia protection. If that's the case, the units with built-in VCRs won't work, and you'll have to peruse the "gray market" for a Macromedia-defeating device of some sort and put it between your VCR and the DVD recorder.
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I think mragreeable means Macrovision not Macromedia.
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A MiniDV-format camcorder that uses those small DVD-Rs for media might work through the video in.
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Did I say Macromedia? Twice? What a tool.
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Bear in mind that while it will be easy, you'll probably be able to squeeze a lot more quality out of it if you do go the computer-capture card-DVD burner route -- simply because of the processing you can do on the computer side. There's lots of free or near-free software that will help with this.
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Following from what j.edwards said, This is a procedure I've had pretty good success with.
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HP's dc4000 is designed for this purpose. Walt Mossberg reviewed either it or its predecessor last year and found it easy to use.
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Response by poster: Ok, thanks everyone!
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