New York specific gift ideas
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New York specific gift ideas needed; more inside (additional keyword: NYC).

A family friend's been looking after the house when I've been gone for the summer, and I'm thinking of something to get her. She's roughly in her mid-30's, so the "fun" gifts won't do.

So far I can only think of something from Dylan's Candy Bar.
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Bagels and lox from Zabar's, Chocolates from Jacques Torres, Anything from Dean & Deluca, or perhaps maybe something from Chinatown, like a paper lamp.
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hey! i'm roughly in my mid-30s! when did the fun expire?

other thoughts:

a museum membership? good scotch? a gift certificate to moss in soho? a gift certificate to rescue or bliss spa?
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A gift from New York? Or a gift that needs to be used in New York? If it's the former... I thrilled my New Yorker-in-Exile grandmother with a pizza for Christmas last year and it was a huge hit. I've done bagels and she's loved that too.
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I visited NYC for the first time in my mid 30s. I bought many, many Empire State Building snowglobes at the Empire State Building observation deck giftshop for various family members (one in his early 60s at the time). The clerk took one look and deadpanned "First time in New York?"
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I liked riffola's suggestions quite a lot. I would also suggest a certificate or gift from Kiehl's. The Gift Collection link allows you to shop by recipient and price, and they have some very nice samplers. The store itself is also a treat to shop in because it's got a great traditional apothecary flavor.

A combination foodie/beauty basket is always a big hit with the women I know, of any age or fun-having ability.
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